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XADO Maximum Transmission with 1 STAGE Revitalizant

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About us

XADO Chemical Group was formed in 1991. It specializes in the research, development and application of energy efficient and resource saving technologies, as well as the production of oils, lubricants and auto-chemistry.

Vehicles products were first sold under XADO trademark in 1999. This was preceded by 5 years of intense scientific research and development followed by product approval. The high demand for XADO products led to the introduction of a wide range of repairing gels and lubricants in 2000, with various degrees of revitalization, not only for vehicles, but also for a wide range of applications covering industrial, transportation, power and defense sectors.

Fast, specific and genuine results, which can be easily tested and measured, as well as the simplicity of application — are the reasons to choose XADO technology.

One of the significant achievements of XADO scientists was the creation of the atomic revitalizant - the revitalization became a natural part of vehicle maintenance. The discovery of atomic revitalizant created a new oil formula that protects mechanical parts, and ensures that no metal atoms would be removed from surfaces where friction occurs!

The development resulted in the launch of the XADO Atomic oil brand in 2004, in cooperation with the world's largest oil and special fluids producers.

For our oils, we have selected the best components offered by the world’s market. First of all, it is the base. These are base oils from the North Seas and oils of hydrocracking synthesis; polyalfaolefines and esters from the leading European producers. The most important component, which provides the high level of operational performance, is a package of additives. When formulating XADO oils, we use products developed by the leading additive producers — Lubrizol, Infineum, and Oronite. And our atomic revitalizant makes XADO Atomic Oils unique. The high quality of XADO Atomic Oils is acknowledged by such authoritative organizations and automobile manufacturers as American Petroleum Institute (API), TÜV (Germany), VOLVO, GM (Opel) and Daimler Chrysler (MB).

The line of XADO oils, introduced at the beginning of 2007, include over 40 products: 22 motor oils (including 2 two cycle motor oils), transmission oils, and special oils. All the oils are available in reliable metal packaging with several levels of anti fraud protection.

XADO Chemical Group has also the ability to custom-produce any type of industrial oils. Our highly qualified specialists can develop and monitor revitalization programs for the most complex industrial equipment and will guarantee real energy and resource saving results.

In 2005, we introduced a range of special fluids and products which also contained revitalizant, e.g. antifreezes, brake fluids, automobile air conditioning compounds, and other items.

Today, XADO Chemical Group offers over 150 products, which can be purchased all over the world. The award of numerous prizes, diplomas and rewards at international competitions, exhibitions and shows, is a testament to the uniqueness and high quality of our products