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XADO set of EX 120 Revitalizant Diesel 3 SYRINGE, 8ml

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  • 21.08.2017

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Home News Ideal cleanness in a few seconds — Snipex Total Cleaner

Ideal cleanness in a few seconds — Snipex Total Cleaner

We present the newest development in the field of small weapons care — Gel for cleaning barrels Snipex Total Cleaner.
Cleaning of weapons is a regular procedure which has to be conducted after each shooting. Gun oil is traditionally used for this purpose, but oil cannot cope with such deposits as copper and lead. Contamination of the barrel significantly impairs the quality and accuracy of shooting.
Snipex Total Cleaner is a new effective product for cleaning weapons. Snipex gel not only quickly removes regular residues but also eliminates copper and lead fouling. Additionally, the new product is perfect for protecting guns against corrosion.