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EX 120 Revitalizant Gearboxes

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Home News January 2013 issue of “Motor Trend”

January 2013 issue of “Motor Trend”

If you want to find out the secret of complex treatment for total protection for all main parts in your car, you will be able read all information on pages of January 2013 issue of a “Motor Trend” XADO Chemical Group reveals the secret and shares this priceless information with you!

Due to XADO products complex protection is provided for:

  • Engines
  • Gear boxes
  • Automatic transmissions
  • Power steering boosters
  • Fuel equipments etc.

For more information about products or to purchase click the links below:

XADO 1 Stage Maximum Atomic Metal Conditioner
EX 120 Revitalizant Gearboxes
XADO Maximum Transmission with 1 STAGE Revitalizant
EX 120 Revitalizant Automatic Transmissions
EX 120 Revitalizant for power steering booster
EX 120 Revitalizant for all types of fuel equipment