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EX 120 gel Revitalizant for Automatic Transmissions SET of 2 pieces

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  • 21.08.2017

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  • 16.03.2016

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Home News XADO Clean and tidy VERYLUBE Conserving Grease

XADO Clean and tidy VERYLUBE Conserving Grease

A new XADO product, VERYLUBE Conserving Grease, has appeared on the shop shelves. It is a conserving grease that contains REVITALIZANT® and is applied for cleaning, lubrication and anticorrosion protection of any metal parts. It can be used both in the household and for industrial purposes. VERYLUBE Conserving Grease is perfectly suited for gardening, sports, tourist, shooting equipment, and even small- and large-caliber guns.

Due to a special formula, VERYLUBE Conserving Grease prevents rust formation. It quickly penetrates all parts of assemblies and movable joints. The grease can even be used for cleaning of weapons — it can easily eliminate scale, soot and gunpowder residue. REVITALIZANT® keeps operating surfaces of friction parts in perfect condition.