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XADO set of EX 120 Revitalizant Gas & LPG 3 SYRINGE, 8 ml

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Home Greases General purpose ХАDO Universal penetrating grease 40 ml

ХАDO Universal penetrating grease 40 ml

Universal penetrating spray lubricant for different mechanisms. Contains revitalizant.

It is designed for all types of units and mechanisms, weapon, sundry and equipment. It restores the mobility of units and parts; it can penetrate easily and quickly into the rusted or jammed joints, lubricates and separates them.

The grease efficiently protects contact places from corrosion. It is neutral to rubber, wood, plastics, lacquer coating and blueing. All-purpose helper!

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Step 1: Shake the can.

Step 2: Spray onto the treated surface from the distance of 10-20 cm.

Step 3: Use the nozzle for hard-to-reach places.


  • 40 ml – aerosol can