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EX 120 Revitalizant Gearboxes

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Home Greases Special purpose Grease Restoring - 20K 125 ml

Grease Restoring - 20K 125 ml

High-speed grease XADO “Restoring-20K” is recommended to be applied for joints and mechanisms with wear degree from 10% up to 50%.

XADO “Restoring-20K” has the effect of revitalization. Due to its application a protective cermet layer, grown on the crystal lattice of the metal surface, is formed on the friction pairs.

High-speed grease XADO “Restoring-20K” is recommended to be used instead of regular greases in joints and mechanisms operating at the rotation speed up to 20,000 rpm.

Apply thin layer (not more than 0.3 mm of thickness) of correspondent high-speed XADO grease onto working surfaces of the frictionless bearings.

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High-speed grease XADO “Restoring-20K” restores wear, decreases noise and vibration in the mechanism, and perfectly protects high-speed units against wear.

Note! It is inadmissible to mix greases “20K” and “60K”.