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Home Greases Special purpose Grease Thermolube 300 125 ml

Grease Thermolube 300 125 ml

High-temperature Grease Thermolube 300 is a high-performance heat-resistant consistent grease which contains special heat-resistant additives.

Structurally and chemically stable. The grease protects carefully against corrosion and hostile environment.

Due to XADO Revitalizant, this grease ensures perfect thermo-protection and allows restoring 30% wear, reducing noise and vibration and extending bearing life span by 2-4 times.


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It does not require additional hermetic sealing of the bearing before applying.

The grease is recommended to be applied in bearings of thermo-oven fans, in equipment of hot production operating under temperatures up to 3000C.

The grease “THERMOLUBE-300” is used as a labyrinth grease, and as a multi-purpose grease under subacid medium.