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EX 120 Revitalizant Automatic Transmissions

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Home Greases Special purpose Grease XADO 250 125 ml

Grease XADO 250 125 ml

High-temperature grease XADO-250 is formulated for the units operating under temperatures up to 250°С.

It ensures heat abstraction and carries high speed of rotation (up to 36,000.00 rpm).

XADO-250 removes corrosion points on the friction pairs of bearings. It is quite stable to the hostile environment.

Due to XADO Revitalizant XADO-250 compensates 30% wear, protects mechanisms, and also extends the service life of the bearings by 4 times.

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It is recommended to be used for the friction and frictionless bearings of the conveyers, baking and confectionery ovens, in the bearings of the drying cylinders, in the flatting equipment and in the equipment for chemicothermal metal treatment.

For example in the paperboard plant, at the 96% humidity and under temperature 190 °C a bearing unit of drying cylinder had operated with XADO-250 for 1850 hours.