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XADO set of EX 120 Revitalizant Diesel 3 SYRINGE, 8ml

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Home Greases Special purpose Grease XADO 300 125 ml

Grease XADO 300 125 ml

High-temperature grease XADO-300 is quite stable to corrosion under long high temperatures and hostile environment.

It is recommended for application in bearing units of low-speed and heavy-loaded mechanisms and units of brick and foundry industry, in the equipment of metallurgical, chemical and ore mining and processing enterprises, operating under temperatures up to 3000C.

Due to XADO Revitalizant XADO-300 compensates wear up to 30% and effectively protects against wear due to the formation of protective cermet coating on friction surfaces.

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For example, the application of XADO-300 in low-speed bearings of bakery’s rotary ovens, which operate under temperatures up to 2800C and humidity up to 85%, ensured their perfect and stable operating during 6 months (2640 hours).