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Home Household chemicals

Household chemicals and their usage.


Nowadays every person realizes perfectly well that the household chemicals are the integral part of our everyday life. Of course it is not the staple goods you can’t live without, but not the last one. There are a great variety of household chemicals: from the cheap goods up to the more expensive products with the ecology clean components and organic parts. Every this condition has a great impact on the customers, because they influence not only on the quality of the cleaning but also on the state of man’s health. So chemicals that are used in the household purposes must be qualitative, healthy, and not expensive.

Save your parquet with the parquet polisher by XADO.

To have the parquet is gracefully. In order to maintain the glitter and wear resistance of your parquet one should do the polishing from time to time. One should also use the parquet polisher in order to take away the stains that can be left after the wet cleaning. With help of the usual floor cloth and you will hardly be able to bring your parquet to the diamond shine. For these goals the experts invented the special means. The parquet floor polisher will be the best friend for you and your home, because the cleaning is easier and more effective with such material. Parquet and floor polishers by XADO will make your home like a shining palace and you don’t need to make a lot of efforts.

Use the stainless steel cleaner for your kitchen.

Stainless steel is a solid and steady for wear material. That is why it used so often on the professional kitchens. But all the same such a material has one disadvantage: on such the surfaces it is very noticeable fingerprints and the other dirty spots. That is why the main aim for the cleaners for stainless steel is the defense of the appearance of the undesirable traces. You can also use this stainless steel cleaner (it can be in spray or in powder) for pots and pans.

How one should make the stainless steel surface treatment.

The stainless steel means maintain the additives that make the surface more shining. After the processing there are no fingerprints on the steel. Stainless steel surface treatment is not difficult, but very important process. And of course you shouldn’t forget about your domestic electric appliances. You should remember that the cleaner for appliances, especially if it is for the stainless steel appliances, must be the best. The experts from the XADO group can undoubtedly offer you the best stainless steel cleaner for appliances, because these materials are made with the usage of the best technologies.

Hand sanitizer dispensers will help save your hands after cleaning.

Household chemicals, dirty on the streets and everyday work make your hands unprotected and it can be the cause of the growing of the level of the different bacteria. XADO took care about it. They worked out the hand sanitizer dispensers for hand hygiene. It’s very important for you and your children to keep the hands in cleanness in order to avoid different illnesses. Every hand sanitizer dispenser maintains the alcohol gel which increases the degree of protection.

First of all every hand sanitizer must have antibacterial action. Year and year out the team of XADO group is working at the newest compositions in order to achieve the best results. Use the antibacterial hand sanitizer by XADO and be sure that your hands are in safe keeping.