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Home Revitalizants

Revitalizant is an additive for fuel, lubricants and other operational fluids. The main purpose of revitalizant is the process of revitalization.

Revitalization is the process of restoration of worn metal surfaces in different parts of car units (engine, gearbox etc.), that were exposed to friction for a long time. When added into operational liquid (fuel, motor oil, etc.), revitalizant creates protective coating and restores original geometry of the unit’s surfaces.

How does it work?

Every mechanism has friction surfaces, e.g. moving metal parts contacting each other when the mechanism is operating. Those surfaces become worn, scratched and sometimes deformed through time, especially when their working conditions include high temperature and/or pressure. The destruction itself appears on the top layers of the surface, where the friction is highest. Entire groups of metal atoms (called “clusters”) tear off under extreme working loads and lead to tiny cracks and scratches.

Revitalizant consists of a lubricant and a mixture of oxides and metal oxide hydrates, small particles that get into contact with friction surface. When the mechanism is exposed to pressure and high temperature, revitalizant acts like a catalyst and starts creating cermet (ceramic + metal) coating. This coating restores gets the form of original part (like it was in the beginning of usage) and restores original geometry of the unit.

The additive has self-regulating thickness level of the protective coating. That means that all measurements of the applied surfaces would get back to original.

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