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XADO Maximum Transmission with 1 STAGE Revitalizant

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Home Revitalizants XADO Maximum Transmission with 1 STAGE Revitalizant

XADO Maximum Transmission with 1 STAGE Revitalizant

Atomic metal conditioner XADO Maximum Transmission with 1 STAGE Revitalizant for mechanical transmission units. (RF 100)

It is designed for restoring repair, active anti-wear protection directly during operation of mechanical transmission units and assemblies of a car (mechanical and robotized gear boxes, transfer cases and differentials) and improving the lubricating properties of oil.

Innovative two-component new-generation product, which combines the advantages of complex metal conditioner and 3d-generation revitalizant.

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Introduce the content of the syringe* into the oil filler neck of the transmission units, transfer case or axle gearboxes warmed up to the operating temperature. Drive during 3-5 minutes (up po total dissolving of the compound in the oil). Further operation of the vehicle is to be carried out in the normal mode.


It is not recommended to treat assemblies and units of mechanic transmission with 100% wear and with marcomechanics damages (for example cogs break)
It is compatible with all types of oils for mechanic transmissions.
Revitalization is considered complete after 620 miles of run. During this time oil change is not recommended.
Repeated application of Atomic metal conditioner XADO Maximum Transmission is recommended after 62 000 miles of run.


One syringe of XADO Maximum Transmission (30 ml) is for transmission assemblies with the oil system up to 4 liters.



The capacity of oil system, m3 1-4 4-8 8-12 12-16


The quantity of 30 ml syringes, pcs











Additional marking

RF (Revitalization factor) is the index of efficiency of restoring and protection against wear.
RF=100 means that the product possesses the maximal possible restoring and repairing properties. As a result of treatment the transmission assembly will undergo the full cycle of revitalization, it will be totally restored and reliably protected against wear for 62 000 ml .


Syringe 30ml