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EX 120 gel Revitalizant for Automatic Transmissions SET of 2 pieces

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Home Revitalizants XADO gel Revitalizant for Gear boxes 9 ml

XADO gel Revitalizant for Gear boxes 9 ml

Gel-Revitalizant for Gearboxes is designed for restoring repair of the gearboxes, bearings and other units of transmissions and protection for wear-out.
The gel forms a new cermet coating on friction surfaces with unique properties and restores geometry of the parts.
Useful information
After the treatment by XADO technology your car is protected by XADO.
A driving of a car with a completely “dry” (without oil) crank case shows the unique properties and high quality of XADO coating.
The first “dry” run was set in 1999. O. Plotnik drove two circles – 178 km! - in his 9th type LADA car without oil along the Kharkov outer circular road. And that was a rather extreme ride involving high speed, overtaking and various loads.
In Narofominsk (town near to Moscow) the stunned management of “Mosautotrans” company watched the “dry’ running of another car, VAZ 2109 (driver O. Shevchenko). The most distrustful of them took part in a test drive. The car with four passengers sustained easily the heavy race.
At the “Chaika” stadium in Kiev the same car model was tested by A. Saluk, the International Class Master of Sports. The famous race-driver drove at maximum speed demonstrating complex driving manoeuvres in a car without a drop of oil. He believed in XADO only when he had burned a set of tires.

The demonstration of a “dry” driving is not only for showing the high quality of the coating obtained but for you to know that by treating your car you will get not only repair and savings but also the guaranteed protection in extreme cases!

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General characteristics of the cermet layer:
Microhardness – 750 kg/mm2;
high corrosion resistance;
roughness Ra up to 0,06 mkm.

Application instructions
1. Squeeze out the revitalizant into the oil filler neck of gear box, transfer case or differential according to the following chart.
2. Revitalizing is considered to be complete after 50 operating hours or 930 miles (1,500 km) run.


  Volume of oil      Number of tubes (pieces)       Treatment scheme  
          1-2                   1             once
          2-5                   2             once
          5-8                   3             once
          8-11                   4             once
         11-15                   5             once


 1. A sure sign of the beginning of revitalization is mechanism noise reduction as early as the first few miles. If noise reduction (improvement of mechanism running) stops at any time, this fact points to a heavy wear of the mechanism, so it is necessary to double the recommended dose.
2. If after 60 - 120 miles (100-200 km) run the mechanism fails to improve its performance, the most probable cause of this is a faulty diagnostics.
3. DO NOT use in automatical transmission!