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XADO Maximum Transmission with 1 STAGE Revitalizant

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Home Revitalizants XADO gel Revitalizant for Hydraulic 9 ml

XADO gel Revitalizant for Hydraulic 9 ml

Gel-Revitalizant for hydraulic is designed for protection from wear-out and restoring repair of power steering without disassembling. The gel forms a new cermet coating on friction surfaces. As a result a renovated unit exceeds the performance level of a new one and will serve you 2-4 times longer. It may be used for revitalization of any hydraulic equipment.

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General characteristics of the cermet layer: 
Microhardness – 750 kg/mm2;
high corrosion resistance;
roughness Ra up to 0,06 mkm.
Add the gel-revitalizant into the steering pump reservoir. Check the operating oil level. 
After adding the gel-revitalizant turn the steering wheel for 5-10 minutes.
Revitalization is considered to be finished after 50 hours of mechanism operation (1500 km/930 miles run).


   Dosage: Oil system volume, L    Tubes, pcs     Treatment scheme    
                      1-2          1             once
                      2-5          2             once
                      5-8          3             once


The sure sign of revitalizing beginning is the improvement in steering gear operation (steering wheel force augmentation, operation accuracy, noise reduction) as early as the first kilometers of run.
If after 100-200 km run mechanism operation improvement does not occur, the most probable cause is a mistaken diagnostics.