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XADO Maximum Transmission with 1 STAGE Revitalizant

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Why choose Xado?

XADO is a Chemical Group Company specialized in R&D (research and development) and application of energy efficient and resource saving technologies, as well as the production of oils, lubricants and other car chemicals.

Today, XADO is a modern and dynamic chemical company fit with the most up-to-date high-tech equipment that allows us to increase the output of products and create customized products. The Company follows the strict ISO 9001-2000 certification and each product los has quality assurance certificate.

XADO Chemical Group Company owns certified research center "XADO Laboratories" that consists of several  greatly equipped labs, including chemmotological, tribological, ballistic and Methodical and Technical Resource Center.

VERYLUBE Company is a subdivision of XADO. VERYLUBE manufactures car care and maintenance products, which also include aerosol products and sprays. VERYLUBE offers high-quality motor products at reasonable prices.

XADO Chemical Group Company manufactures unique products that are certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and meet the highest API SL and API SM specifications. The high quality of XADO motor and transmission oils is proved and recognized all over the world.

The discovery of the revitalization phenomenon is the heart of XADO-technologyAll the products, developed using XADO-technology, possess unique repairing, regenerating and protective characteristics that help to save energy and resources, and to protect the environment and improve the quality of life.

The effectiveness of XADO revitalizants is recognized and supported by certified tests carried out in 35 countries. The discovery is patented in Australia, Germany, China, Russia, USA, Ukraine, SAR, and other countries.

The addition of atomic revitalizant created a new oil formula that would protect mechanical parts, and would ensure that no metal atoms would be removed from surfaces where friction occurs!

The development resulted in the launch, in 2004 of the XADO Atomic oil brand, in cooperation with the world's largest oil and special fluids producers.

XADO oils are created from the best components that could be found on world market. These are base oils from petroleum components from the North Sea, and oils of hydrocracking synthesis; polyalfaolefines and esters from the leading European producers. The most important component, which provides the high level of operational performance, is a package of additives. When formulating XADO oils, we use products developed by the leading additive producers — Lubrizol, Infineum, and Oronite. And our atomic revitalizant makes XADO Atomic Oils unique.

The high quality of XADO Atomic Oils is acknowledged by such authoritative organizations and automobile manufacturers as American Petroleum Institute (API), VOLVO, GM (Opel) and Daimler Chrysler (MB).

The oils, introduced at the beginning of 2007 include now more than 40 items: motor oils (including two cycle motor oils), transmission oils, and special oils. All the oils are packed in reliable metal packaging with several levels of anti-fraud protection.

In 2005, XADO introduced a range of special fluids and products which also contained revitalizant, e.g. antifreezes, brake fluids, automobile air conditioning compounds, and other items.

Today, XADO offers over 250 items which can be purchased at

Our buyers come back again and again for more XADO products and introduce our products to their friends, colleagues and relatives .